Return of DeadEye


«Scene: Hero stands next to a defeated Noxus. Gravelyn sits on her throne.»

Noxus: Hah ha ha! Simple child…
Noxus: I am an immortal LICH! I CANNOT be killed! I will….

«Gravelyn punches Noxus in the face.»

Gravelyn: Oh, hush.

Hero: Um… woah! Want me to find your armor?

Gravelyn: We have more pressing problems. Now that I command the Shadowscythe again, we must stop Vordred!

Hero: Where is Vordred?

Gravelyn: Sally said something about ArcAttack. He has gone to be part of an experiment with them.

Hero: Who's ArcAttack?

Gravelyn: They are a band of scientists who are experimenting with very powerful forces in CastleMania.

Hero: What does Vordred want with them?

Gravelyn: I'm not sure. But with the amount of power they are working with…
Gravelyn: It can't be good news.

«Noxus gets up from the floor.»

«Hero attacks Noxus.»

Hero: Do you know anything else? About ArcAttack?

Gravelyn: All I know are rumors. They are obsessed… with science.
Gravelyn: Something about harnessing the forces of electricity and music together.

Hero: So when you said a BAND of scientists, you weren't kidding.

«Hero hits Noxus again.»

Hero: Artix might already be headed in that direction.

Gravelyn: I'll send messengers ahead to warn him of Vordred.

Hero: I don't think that would stop Artix, do you?


Hero: This is getting silly.

«Gravelyn picks up Chuckles.»

Gravelyn: I know how to fix this. Chuckles…
Gravelyn: … you're getting a promotion.

«Gravelyn replaces Noxus' skull with Chuckles'.»


Gravelyn: Alas, poor Noxus. I knew him, hero. A fellow of infinite pride, of most excellent cruelty.

  • Note: This line is a variation on a quote from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

Noxus: Vordred, your master calls you!!
Noxus: Undead minions! Someone!? ANYONE?!

Hero: You ain't got NO-BODY.
Hero: See what I did there?

Gravelyn: I think I'm going to have Cysero forge you into a weapon for me, Noxus.

Noxus: Not that nitwit!!!!

Gravelyn: Hush now, little skull. Important people are talking.
Gravelyn: Thank you for upholding the alliance between Good and Evil, hero.

Hero: You're welcome, Empress Gravelyn.

Gravelyn: You are one of the few humans I trust in this world.

Hero (thinking): Few humans? Are the rest undead?

Gravelyn: Therefore, I am entrusting you with this…

«Gravelyn holds out a badge with the Shadowscythe symbol on it.»

Hero: What… is… this?

Gravelyn: This, is the Shadowscythe Amulet.
Gravelyn: It once belonged to my Father, Sepulchure. It should aid you in your battle should Vordred become the Champion of Darkness.

Hero: VORDRED!? Empress Gravelyn, I have to get going before ArcAttack completes their experiment.
Hero: Artix will try to take on Vordred by himself if I do not get there in time!

Gravelyn: Go! I'll join you as soon as my Shadowscythe forces add some anti-rebellion spells to my skeletal minions.

Hero: Thank you Gravelyn… I will keep this amulet safe.

Gravelyn: Farewell, hero. LONG UNLIVE THE SHADOWSCYTHE!

«Hero leaves as Gravelyn raises her sword in a cheer.»

«Scene fades»

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