«Scene: At Darkovia Forest»

Constantin: What WAS that thing? I've never seen anything like it!

Lady Solani: It wasn't one of ours!

Hero: It looked like a monster.

Orlok: Yes, how observant.

Hero: No, I mean… it looked like a Monster.
Hero: Last year, when the Infernals invaded the Celestial Realm, the Queen of Monsters was behind the attack.
Hero: …maybe that's what's happening now, too.

Constantin: The Queen? But she's been quiet for so long. Why now?

Hero: …But HAS she? Or have WE just not seen what she's been building… or creating?

«Scene: Hero sees a pirate ship»

Hero: …is that a pirate ship?

«Scene: Bonnie Blood at the pirate ship»

Bonnie Blood: Ahoy! Thar be Orlok and Lady Solani on the shore!
Bonnie Blood: Looks like we shan't be havin' to fight our way through those catacombs after all!

Lady Solani: Bonnie Blood! I've never been so glad to see anyone! But what are you doing here?

Bonnie Blood: Word be spreadin' fast of what be happenin' here in Darkovia.
Bonnie Blood: Darkovia was my home, too… before I made my life on the sea.
Bonnie Blood: I figured there'd be refugees, an' well…gettin' 'em teh safety is the least I can do.
Bonnie Blood: Go on, then, ye land lubbers! The gag plank awaits yeh!

Lady Solani: Thank you. We will not forget this.

Bonnie Blood: NOT the mongrels.

Lady Solani: They helped us escape. We can't just leave them here.

Bonnie Blood: My crew'd not be havin' it , Solani. Pirates are not known for havin' calm temperaments.

Hero: I'm sure there must be something we can work out!

Constantin: It's fine. We'll be ok.
Constantin: Go. Get your people to safety.
Constantin: Live, so that when this Queen reveals herself again, we can destroy her together.

Hero: Are you sure you'll be ok?

Constantin: Don't worry about us, one-shape. We are survivors.
Constantin: We'll spread out. Find other forests to live in for a time Maybe some will even live in cities, as "humans".
Constantin: But when this threat returns, so will we.

«Scene fades»

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