Rescue Myx



«Scene: Hero in the Candy Shoppe>

«Hero runs off screen.»
«Screen zooms out showing Hero, Myx (The Doom Cauldron), a red and a green Moglinster in the Candy Shoppe.»

Myx: Pssst!!! Hey over here!

Hero: You must be Myx, the Cauldron Sisters sent me to rescue you!

«Screen zooms in on Myx (The Doom Cauldron).»

Myx: They DID!?! They care about me?! I mean… of course they did! Those beautiful queens of the candy world need me.
Myx: Without me they could never take over Lore!

«Screen zooms out showing Hero, Myx (The Doom Cauldron), and the Moglinsters again.»

Hero: They don't want to take over Lore. They want to make the worlds best candy.

Myx: *sigh* A doom cauldron can dream, can't he?

Hero: What do the Moglinsters want with you anyway? They can't make candy.

Myx: I don't think that's what they had in mind.

Hero: What do you mean? What do you think they want you for?

Myx: I'm not sure… but I don't see any toilets around here? Do you?

Hero: YIKES! Let's get you out of here!

«Screen zooms in on Myx (The Doom Cauldron).»
«Hero runs over and picks up Myx.»
«Screen zooms out showing Hero running out with Myx.»
«Scene fades out black.»

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