If you are Undecided:

Good Rune Warrior
A Chaos Lord has attacked this valley. The forces of GOOD and EVIL have united to face this new threat. I'm here representing the Good side. However, I only give my quests to good adventurers.

- Become GOOD
- No thanks…

If you are Evil:

Good Rune Warrior
I see you are not a subject of Good, but of Evil. Speak to Zio, the Illusionist - you may find her way of viewing things more to your liking.

If you are Good:

Good Rune Warrior
Welcome to Mobius! I am Renn, a loyal follower of King Alteon and a warrior of Good. I would never have believed that I would be aligned with one such as she… but the Truce has made for stranger things. I see you are another such as I… your help is greatly needed here.

The town of Mobius has become overrun with agents of Chaos. Sp-eyes, Imps and Cyclops Warriors have taken over the town, and taken the townspeople prisoner! As a loyal follower of King Alteon and the side of Good, will you help me free this town?

- Renn's Quests

If you are Chaos:

Good Rune Warrior
Hmm, you are Chaotic I only give quests to adventurers who have chosen to serve Good. Neither Zio nor I will be able to work with you here.

After completing all of Dew Drop's Quests:

Good Rune Warrior
There are two survivors from this town that we still haven't found and they hold the clue to where the Runix Cube relics are. Their names are Anna and Otto - please search all the houses in town for them. They are our only link to the Runix Cube!

After completing all of Dew Drop's Quests:

Good Rune Warrior
You have proven yourself more than worthy to be called a Hero of Good. There is one more place that we need you to visit. The Ruins of Cornelis, where my friend Anise the moglin has been studying, have also been invaded by these agents of Chaos. Do you have the strength and will to go to her aid?

- Cornelis Ruins

After completing all the Sneek Quests:

Good Rune Warrior
When you lost the cube to Escherion and the Hydra was awakened, 3 Runestones appeared around the tower. I think you can use Hydra Teeth to destroy these Stones. Take a shard from each stone, and drop them into the Magickal bonfire that we have started for you.

After completing all Chaos Valley quests:

Good Rune Warrior
Well fought Hero! You did it! You defeated the Chaos Lord and saved the the people of this valley! It was a great honor to fight by your side! But be careful.. rumors of the next Lord of Chaos are already starting to spread.

- Renn's Shop

Location: Mobius
Note: Inscriptions translate to: I/U (on shoulder), T/N (on forearm), I/U (on knee).

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