Remy Baker


Young Farmhand
Don't go near the corn! Just trying to harvest any makes your skin boil and burn! There's some kind of curse on the soil. What little food we didn't send to the nobles is already gone. The bugs ate it all. Everyone's hiding in their homes, waiting for help. You travelers must be going through the same thing. I'm sorry we can't do much for you. Maybe you'd like to try my tree leaf and acorn soup? It doesn't taste as bad if you warm it up a little.

After completing the 'Keeper of the Scales' quest:

Young Farmhand
The cornfields are back to normal! We can go back to harvesting and sharing our food with the other villages that were affected. It was because of you, wasn't it? Thank you! Next time you're around, we'll make a feast for you! Oh, you still want to cook and have us try your recipe for milky lemonade? Uh, our village would really like to show you some hospitality, so don't worry about it, haha.

Location: Blight Harvest


Thanks to Tux47.

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