Gatekeeper of Shadows
Greetings Hero subject n° 705, I come heralding the Necronaut, a being who seeks to learn about your world. We detected an unnatural amount of necrotic energy coming from this little planet a few orbital cycles past, or what you call "years", and as this energy was always increasing circa what you call "October", we decided it was time to pay a visit. It is like nothing that we have seen before.

Who am I? I serve the Necronaut, a race of beings who have been investigating a way to bring people back from the Afterlife. For many years, two Necronauts have been trapped in the Afterlife. Time is in constant flux, and so they will never be able to return to their home. Because they cannot return, they simply.. go forwards. To anywhere and anywhen their researches take them.

The longer they spend in the afterlife, the more they can start to lose pieces of themselves. In order to stay grounded into local time/space, they must interact with the locals. The best way to do that, is to battle them!

- Remco's Quests
- Epic Duel

Location: Necronaut (Location)


Thanks to Tristyn.

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