Reinforcements (2)


«Scene: Galanoth and the Hero are fighting Uriax.»

Galanoth: Die, Firetongue!!!

«Suddenly, a spear comes flying and pierces Uriax in the chest, killing her.»

Galanoth: Demento, you made it! Just in time, too.

Demento: I came a soon as I could, brother.

Hero: Thanks for the save!

Demento: Don't mention it. I'm always picking up Galanoth's slack.

Galanoth: (laughs) Is that why I'm the Head of the Dragonslayer Order?

Demento: Only because I let you.

Galanoth: It has been too long, Demento.

Demento: It has! But our catching up will have to wait.
Demento: I've found Akriloth. We must confront him, now!

«The Hero readies his sword.»

Hero: Alright. Let's end this!

«Scene fades.»

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