Reinforcements (1)


«Scene: Brentan, Victoria, the Hero, and three Pactagonal Knights are defending a villager on one of the Swordhaven castle's towers.»

Hero: They're closing in!

Lord Brentan: Don't give up! We must keep fighting!

«Close up of Victoria, looking up at the sky.»

Victoria: She's here!

«ShadowFall castle and its flying dracolich soar through the air.»

«The screen returns to Swordhaven castle.»

Sir Rated: Most excellent!

Sir Pent: Huzzah!

Villager We're saved!

«Gravelyn's skeleton soldiers jump onto the tower.»

Victoria: Get everyone on the ship! <Hero> and I will hold them off!

«Screen zooms in a tiny bit.»

Hero: Go! Now!

«Lord Balax'el floats down in front of the tower.»

Hero: …ahhhh, crap.

Lord Balax'el: Ah, <Hero>.
Lord Balax'el: Every time we conquer a new domain, I see the same face standing in my way.

Hero: Yep, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Lord Balax'el: It doesn't matter. Every time you beat me, I come back stronger than before.
Lord Balax'el: My Queen won't LET me fall.
Lord Balax'el: I am the chosen General of her imperial army!

Hero: Whatever, man. Let's just get this over with so I can get all these people out of here.

Lord Balax'el: With pleasure. Please…

«Close up of Lord Balax'el.»

Lord Balax'el: Let me destroy you.

«Scene fades.»

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