Reggie Lindsey


Junior Herpetologist
You're the friend Auntie Valencia, Auntie Trissa, and my dad were talking nonstop about! I'm glad I felt well enough to get out of bed today. A wind storm kept anyone from coming or leaving so we didn't have enough medicine to go around. Auntie Valencia came to the rescue, climbing the mountain on her own. Oh! Shh, she wanted that to be a secret.

Folk Take
Auntie Trissa was looking at these recipes from a folk tale my dad discovered. They had a serious talk about it. The story's about a frail girl offering fried bread and berry jam to the winter spirits even though that was the last of her food. She laid the meal out on a white cloth and a frosty wind whisked her away, showering gold on her village.

Boss Trey
When they were still friends, Boss Trey is what my dad used to call Mr. Surehunter. Dad misses Boss Trey a lot but they had a fight about not being able to go on as many trips anymore. I have a feeling it was because I was born, and dad needed to stay home to care for me…

Location: Mount Otzi


Thanks to Bad.

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