Regardless of the Odds


«Scene: Hero, Fiamme, Varga and Galanoth standing on Screen 1 of Fire Avatar»

Fiamme: I can *feel* Lore giving way to Tyndarius! The weight of an Avatar is too much for the planet to bear.
Fiamme: We must make quick work of him!

Galanoth: Is Malgor with him?

Varga: It doesn't appear so.

Hero: That's good and bad.
Hero: Good, because we don't have to fight him right now…
Hero: But bad, because we need Tyndarius in order to defeat him!

Varga: Without Malgor, severing the connection will be extremely difficult. The only other force I can think of beating Tyndarius is the Avatars themselves.

Fiamme: That is out of the question as well, unfortunately…
Fiamme: If another Avatar were to set foot on Lore, the planet would snap in two immediately. We are lucky it's holding together now!

Hero: Then we are left with no choice.

«Everyone turns around to look at the Hero»

Hero: We have to face Tyndarius, regardless of the odds!

«Scene fades»

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