Reflections on Order


«Scene: the basement of the Dark Dungeon»

Hero: Looks like you weren't too much of a challenge after all.

Cockatrice: Fool! Did you honestly believe you could defeat me so easily?

Hero: You can talk?!

Cockatrice: Of course. My servitude to King Alteon granted me a few… perks over the lesser beasts — such as yourself.

Hero: You won't believe me as a lesser when your head is on a platter!

Cockatrice: You have eyes and yet you do not see…

«The Hero attacks the Cockatrice, but the Cockatrice knocks the Hero downs and tries to turn them to stone with its eyes. The Hero looks away. Mirror Drakath blasts the Cockatrice away from the Hero. The Hero gets back up.»

Hero: I've got a better idea! Quick, your sword!

«Mirror Drakath nods»

«He tosses the Hero his sword. The Hero holds it up, showing the Cockatrice its own reflection.»

«The Cockatrice turns to stone.»

Hero: Thanks! I hoped that would work!

Mirror Drakath: You didn't KNOW?!

Hero: You did say if I looked at it, I'd turn to stone. All the mirrors here are covered. It made sense.
Hero: And it looks like the 13th Beast is safe, as well.

Mirror Drakath: Thankfully! Gravelyn the Good's soldiers are already gathering to secure the Egg.
Mirror Drakath: It is time for you to return; past time. Already I can feel the balance shifting…
Mirror Drakath: Come. I will send you back.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: light shines on the Egg»

Friendships die and true love lies
Worlds will fall and Chaos rise
When Order goes to war…

«Scene fades»>

Chaos. Is. Coming.

«Scene fades»

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