Reflections of Fear


«Scene: Hero defeats Evil Alteon and frees Safiria.»

«In the throne room, Hero, Dage the Good, Safiria, and Granola Twig confront the defeated Evil Alteon»

Hero: You really don't understand the forces you were playing with, do you?!
Hero: Your world is about to BE DESTROYED!

Alteon: You know nothing about real power, <Hero>.
Alteon: There is more to this universe than one kingdom, or world, or realm. And I mean to have it ALL!
Alteon: I choose my allies with THAT in mind. Dage the Evil is a pawn. I know who wields the REAL power in this alliance.

Hero: Dage, any idea? As long as we're in the timelock, both Alteon and Safiria are safe. It doesn't matter that they have no mirror twins.
Hero: … I think. But I'm not sure how long this whole "Time Freeze" power lasts.
Hero: Once they leave, though -

Alteon: I was saved from certain death when my mirror twin was destroyed in the Chaos War.
Alteon: The Queen of Monsters contacted me long before she was freed. She made sure I was in no danger. I will remain that way.

Dage The Good: He's imbalanced, but he makes a good point. He shouldn't be here. His twin is gone.
Dage The Good: Safiria, too, should have no future here, I'm afraid. Your highness - what do you say? Whatever decision we make -

Safiria: There is nothing to decide. Alteon and I - we should not be. Would not be, if it weren't for the Queen of Monsters.
Safiria: Our world MUST not end because some She-Beast from Beyond decided to feed on the fears of the Mirror Realm.
Safiria: No. <Hero>, you froze time to let us decide what to do. I've decided. Balance MUST be restored.
Safiria: When I walk through that lock, it will be. And I…

«Scene changes to the rift and it goes away. Then back to throne room, but this time the Hero and Safiria are gone, as time is no longer frozen»

Dage The Good: GAH! The rift - it's gone! And… so is Safiria?!
Dage The Good: Did you see her leave? But - feel it. The world, the balance. We are re-settling.

Granola Twig: Did she - Could the blast have -
Granola Twig: We'd see evidence of that. She was standing RIGHT next to me.
Granola Twig: I'd be dust, too. And clearly, I'm still here, bowtie intact.

Dage The Good: So is the battlefield, and the remains of my warriors. And Alteon's army.
Dage The Good: But, thankfully, no sign of my mirror's forces.

Granola Twig: Mmmmmmysteries! She'll turn up, or she won't. But you know who IS still here?

«Scene changes to a split-screen: On the left, Dage The Good, Granola Twig and Evil Alteon in Bright Fortress. On the right, Dage The Evil and Hero in the Underworld»

Dage The Evil: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGHHH! The rift is gone.
Dage The Evil: I have been lied to! This Queen of Monsters is… not to be trusted.

Hero: I would have thought the name said it all, but…
Hero: Does this mean you are NOT one of the Queen of Monsters' generals? Still not sure on that?

Dage The Evil: I command the Undead Legion; they fight for no one but me. And I am no Queen's pawn.

«Scene changes to Dage the Good and Evil Alteon in Bright Fortress»

Dage The Good: So. You were right. You ARE protected.
Dage The Good: But what does that MEAN? For you and our world?

Alteon: It means that the battle between us is not over.
Alteon: And that my ally is much, much stronger than yours.
Alteon: <Hero> is not here now, and has no way to return any time soon.

«Scene changes to Queen of Monster's throne room with Safiria»

Queen of Monsters: Nice doggy, pretty doggy. Every queen needs a pet.

Safiria: *snarl*

Queen of Monsters: Hmmm. I think you need obedience training, puppy.
Queen of Monsters: A few decades in the shadows with my Shadow King should teach you your place.
Queen of Monsters: And then, perhaps, you'll be ready to help me play my games, and teach these worlds who REALLY rules here.

«Scene fades»

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