Void Highlord Trainer
What? You’re supposed to be the next candidate for Void Highlord? You don’t look nearly as dedicated to Master Nulgath as a lowly foot soldier. Want to prove me wrong? Good luck! To become an unparalleled Fiend, you have to lose your humanity and mind! You’d have to be an insane freak like me to what it takes to reach into the Fiend God’s Void, and control the fates of mortals.

What is a Void Highlord?
The Highlord used to be mortal, but we gave up our humanity and minds to serve Master Nulgath directly. Only his best and most brutal are given the ability to harness the power of the Fiend God’s Void, and create the contracts that manipulate fate. There’s a sucker born every minute, but not nearly enough of Master Nulgath- or us- to catch them all. Haha… just try to become one of us. I dare you.

How to Get?
Seek out the Void Highlord in /tercessuinotlim, and complete our intense training regimen in order to join their ranks!

How to Use?
Recommended Enhancement: Fighter.
Void Highlords can switch between their Shackled and Unshackled modes at will. While Shackled, you resist damage, and while Unshackled, you deal more damage. Strategically time switching between both modes in order to fully utilize all of the class’ effects.

Location: Class Hall D


Thanks to Tris.

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