Red Hunting Hood (NPC)

Greetings, hero. I am Red Hunting Hood. The forest is no place for a lone traveler, but you hold yourself proud. I can sense the power flowing from you. Should you need the services of a hunter who knows this woods like no other, call on me. The forest is slowly being overcome by rift-twisted creatures such as I have never seen before. Artix needs your help!

- Red Hunting Hood's Quests

During the 'Lil' Red' quest:

So you come from Darkovia sent by Shadowslayer Z and you want to borrow my Big Wolf Slaying Axe? Hmm… you look trustworthy enough…kinda… but first, you'll need to do something for me.

- Red Hunting Hood's Quests

Location: Greenguard (East)
Note: This NPC parodies the fairy tale character Little Red Riding Hood.


Thanks to mturf.

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