Reconstruction Complete


«Scene: Warlic stands in front of a static-y, alternate Battleon»

Warlic: Is it ending? Is it finally over?

«Scene: close up of Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Father…. NOOO!!!!!!!

«King Alteon walks up to the mysterious hole in the wall»

Gravelyn: I will avenge-

«Static fills the screen»

«Close up of Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: …no, it wasn't Alteon at all. It was Drakath. I remember now.

«Scene: Cysero in his bathtub»

«Static fills the screen»

Cysero: WOAH! Look what you've done! I'm being rewritten! Rewritten!

«Cysero falls into his bathtub»

«Static fills the screen and it fades to black»

Cysero: Oh, what a world! What a world!

«Scene: Adaleaz and the Hero inside of the Cathedral of Time»


Hero: Ohhh, man, I am so glad that worked!

Adaleaz: Once you got rid of the source of the corruption, Aion was able to restore the timelines to their original state.
Adaleaz: I've never seem anything like that before. A year gone rampant, not wanting to yield to the next.

Hero: I really hope I don't have to do this again next year.

Adaleaz: Goodness, no! We'll be performing routine scans so we can catch any anomalies before they spread.

Hero: Here's hoping.
Hero: You think the coming year will be better, though? We're still in a pretty bad place going in.
Hero: (Battleon may still be standing, but the Infernals have destroyed so much…)

Adaleaz: I think we have to believe it will be.
Adaleaz: Maybe this coming year will end with Battleon in flames. I don't know.
Adaleaz: But the only chance we have to stop that from happening…
Adaleaz: …is by holding onto the hope that we can make things better.

«Scene fades»

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