Real <3



«Scene: Beleen and Swaggy with the Wheel of Love - the Backstage cam shows the Hero in a dungeon surrounded by bones»

Beleen: Yeeeah! <Hero> for the WIN!

Swaggy: The game is almost over, folks. Real soon, one of these lucky folks is going to get even luckier!

«The Backstage cam switch to the Lonely Lover, who waves»

Swaggy: Spin it one more time, Beleen! Let's see where these crazy kids are going next!

«Beleen spins the wheel and it lands on "Real ❤️"»

Swaggy: Oh, ho, ho! You know what this means.

Beleen: OMG! We're in the final round!
Beleen: Our last two contestants have both made it to the center of the dungeon - and now they're gonna battle it out!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero drops into a room with the Love Bug»

Hero: Wait, say what now? THIS thing is one of the contestants?!

«The Love Bug waves at the confused Hero»

Hero: Who are we competing for a date with, anyway???

«Scene: Close up of Beleen»

Beleen: We can't give away the surprise, silly!

«Scene fades»

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