Ready To Party


«Scene: Beleen, Loremaster Barb, Sora To Hoshi and Samba with mask.»

Beleen: Looks like that's everything!
Samba: Awright! Let's get ready to DANCE!
Loremaster Barb: Well, obviously I'm not going to talk you out of this, so…
Loremaster Barb: …Have fun, you guys. I'll be heading back to the Librarium now.
Samba: Whaaaaat? No way! You're coming with!
Loremaster Barb: Oh, no, no, no.
Beleen:Yeah! We wouldn't even know about this party if it wasn't for you!
Loremaster Barb: No really, it's fine… no need to "thank" me.

«Scene: Sora To Hoshi Pick the mask to Loremaster Barb.»

Sora To Hoshi: Aww, come on! I even made a pretty mask just for you!
Sora To Hoshi: Besides, Hero is coming with us! @He can keep you safe!
Loremaster Barb: …Fine…
Beleen, Loremaster Barb and Sora To Hoshi: YAAAAAY!

«Scene: Scene fades Let in to the forest.»

Beleen I think we're getting close. According to Barb's book, it should be right around here.
Samba: Are you sure? I think we'ew supposed to go that way.
Loremaster Barb: I still can't believe I let your guys talk me in to this.
Loremaster Barb: It's SUCH a bad idea.
Sora To Hoshi: Nah, it'll be ok! You'll have fun, I Promise!
Hero: Yeah, only going into another dimension filled with quasi-evil spirits.
Hero: What could possibly go wrong?
Beleen: Hey, I think is it!
Sora To Hoshi: Ow.
Hero: Are you guys ok?
Loremaster Barb: I think so.
Loremaster Barb: Oh no! My mask got broken when I fell!
Sora To Hoshi: Eww. So did my truffles.
Loremaster Barb:Soooo, maybe we should just call this a bust.
Loremaster Barb: What do you say? You guys want to leave and go back to-
??? Leave? Why would you leave?
Aermhar You look like you're ready for a ball!
Beleen Eeei! Yes we are!
Sora To Hoshi: This is gonna be so awesome!
Aermhar How lovely you all are!
Aermhar Come in, come in!
Loremaster Barb: Guys? My mask…
Aermhar It's fine. No one will mind.
Aermhar …What's this?
Sora To Hoshi: Oh… yeah, I kinda… fell on the truffles I brought for you guys.
Aermhar Oh, no. No.
Aermhar Honestly, this is just insulting.
Sora To Hoshi: I'm so sorry.
Aermhar Yes. You certainly are.
Aermhar And *I'm* sorry, but we just can't let this stand.

«Scene Aermhar body shape to Barghest!»

«Scene fades»

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