Master of the Tower, Reputation Vendor
Greetings and welcome to the magical forest of Arcangrove. My name is Rayst and this sacred place is refuge to the most powerful magi in all of Lord. Behind me stands the legendary Arcangrove Tower of Magic where the most notable magi have trained for centuries. You have arrived in a time of great need. In magic, there are no coincidences

Arcangrove has always been a powerful and mysterious place, home to ancient magi and magical creatures. The Arcangrove Tower of Magic was built by the magi ages ago and has become the center for all magical study. But as of late, something has gone horribly wrong with the magical energies…

What started as a small tremor in our power has become an outright earthquake! We magi are losing our handle on the forces of nature and the power of magic itself. It is almost as if magic is rebelling against the magi… and unless something is done soon, it could mean the end of all magic on Lore.

Where should I go?
It is crucial that we reconnect the power source to the para-elemental plane portal. You must find Ewa the Treekeeper and inform her of this predicament. Travel west of here until you reach the Druid safe haven known as the Cloister.

- Rayst's Quests

Once your Arcangrove Reputation has reached Rank 10, you may become a Shaman. Shamans need a great deal of Intellect, Dexterity, Endurance and Luck to speak to the spirits that inhabit and empower physical objects. The Spellbreaker Enhancements I sell will increase each of these stats.

- Reserved Enh Shop - Spellbreaker

- Rayst's Reputation Quests
- Arcangrove Rep Shop

After completing the 'Observing the Observatory' quest:

Something called Chaos Lord Ledgermayne closed the portal?! Ledgermayne must be causing whatever is wrong with magic. You need to get that portal working again! The portal's power source is the giant, magic tree that the druids call "The Cloister". Go speak with Ewa, the Treekeeper and see if you can power up the portal again.

After completing Ewa's Quests:

Great job with the portal. I have an idea how we might be able to defeat this new Chaos Lord. Click the "where should I go" button to continue…

Where should I go?
The Portal is once again working, thank you. I've been studying the magical energies left behind in the tower after Ledgermayne's visit. You won't be able to fight it without any known weapon or magic, but perhaps there is something…

…Long ago, the magi here in the Tower constructed a dangerously powerful weapon called the Supreme Arcane Staff. It was able to bend magical energies back on themselves. It was so dangerous that they were forced to breakit into 4 separate parts.

Each part is hidden here somewhere here in Arcangrove! You MUST find each of the parts and reassemble the Supreme Arcane Staff. It is your only hope of defeating a creature that is made of living magic.

- Rayst's Quests

After completing Paddylump's Quests:

After completing Nisse's Quests:

Master of the Tower, Reputation Vendor
The third section of the Supreme Arcane Staff awaits you, hero. The Wraps of Gilead must be found. Click "Where should I go?" to continue…

Where should I go?
The Wraps of Gilead are the next portion of the Supreme Arcane Staff. They were hidden in the city of Great Gilead before its citizens brought a magical catastrophe down upon themselves. Speak to Shaman Umbra in the Ruins of Great Gilead.

- Rayst's Quests

After completing Umbra's Quests:

Master of the Tower, Reputation Vendor
All you need is the last portion of the staff to complete it! This section is the most important part… the staff's power source… the Chaos Focus Gem! Click "Where should I go?" to continue…

Where should I go?
When the magi broke the Supreme Arcane Staff into it's four parts, they chose to let nature itself hide the last section… the Chaos Focus Gem which is the staff's power source. It is hidden deep within Mount Mafic's volcanic caves. Head there and speak to Felsic the Magma Golem

- Rayst's Quests

After completing Felsic's Quests:

Master of the Tower, Reputation Vendor
Great hero, you have completed the Supreme Arcane staff. With this relic, the portal to the para-elemental plane of magic has been restored! There is no time to waste; head to the top of the Arcangrove tower and pass through the portal! I will meet you on the other side…

After completing the 'The Great Mana Golem' quest:

Master of the Tower, Reputation Vendor
Hero. The time has come to battle Chaos Lord Ledgermayne. Pass through the portal to the para-elemental plane of Magic and take the battle to Ledgermayne!

During the 'Warlic's Letter to Rayst' quest:

Master of the Tower, Reputation Vendor
A letter from Warlic? Amazing, we've only just begun to sense the disturbance in the ley lines. I've consulted the Librarium and the other magi of the tower. We believe that the crystallized mana core in the center of the planet may have been destabilized. Please bring my findings back to Warlic when you're ready.

- Rayst's Quests




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