Ravinos Brightglade

High Druid Priest, Rep Vendor of Brightoak Forest
Don't come any closer! Nevana, one of Brightoak's top peacekeeper, now backstabbing general for the corrupted Druid Queen, has poisoned the World Tree and my home. With her attack on Brightoak and stealing of the Celestial Horn of Balance, the backlash morphed my powers of purity into a touch of poison. I have failed the World Tree and my people. Please help recover the Horn or watch as Lore rots from the inside out!

Celestial Horn of Balance?
The Celestial Horn of Balance is constantly playing a magical melody - the music of the forest, just outside the range of mortal hearing. It protects this grove, those who dwell here, and the portal to the World Tree. While all of Brightoak's manpower was focused on defending the World Tree from Nevana's assault, her chaotic forces snuck through and stole the Horn from right under our noses.

"Let me play you the song of my people." This was the mantra of Brightoak, we druids know the sweet sound of the Celestial Horn of Balance by heart. Now, even that cherished memory is corrupted. If the Horn is not recovered and the song begun again, the Queen's poison will be able to infect the world tree, threatening all of Lore.

Touch of Poison?
I have become a priest to cleanse my home. The war against Drakath brought much chaotic magic to Brightoak and in order to stop this civilization from destruction I become one with the Celestial Horn of Balance. This alteration allowed me to detach myself from this world and see purity and poison for what they are. I gave up my humanity to save Brightoak and suck the poison out of my people.

However, when the Horn was stolen and the World Tree corrupted, I too was changed. My ability to purify was replaced with a Midas touch of poison. Until the Horn is reunited with the World Tree I am not well enough to join your fight against the Queen of Monsters.

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