Ravenscar Falls


«Ravenscar, Scene fades. Mina is holding an amulet»

Mina: Here, look. This belonged to my betrothed, but I could not touch it.
Mina: Did you see? The picture is gone. But at least I have this… something to hold onto.

Hero: What happened here? How did this town burn… and why is it STILL burning?

Mina: This place is CURSED. And I'm trapped here, because of it. Doomed for a crime I never committed!
Mina: The flames will burn - and I will weep - as long as the Undead Legion still march.
Mina: Take the amulet. See the death of Ravenscar… and the rise of Dage the Evil's Undead Legion!

«Scene changes to a past Ravenscar, images of peaceful people, then town on fire and Undead Legion on screen. Finally, Dage the Evil and Blightbringer on the screen separated by a lightning wall.»

The battle to rule the Underworld has raged for millennia…

Dage the Evil: Blightbringer, you wormrot… you hunt for SOMETHING. I can sense it.

Blightbringer: The slaughter begins! Ravenscar will fall, and the Book of Dark Doors will be MINE!

Dage the Evil: You cannot keep out my minions, no matter how many gates you raise or doors you lock.

Blightbringer: Once I hold that, there will be nowhere in the Underworld I cannot go!

Dage the Evil: I will find you…

Blightbringer: And no way for Dage the Evil, that pathetic excuse for a necromancer, to stop me!

Dage the Evil: I will kill you…

Blightbringer: I can raise pimples better than his undead masses!

Dage the Evil: And the dawn of a new era, ruled by MY undead warriors, will begin!

«Scene changes to past Ravenscar with Dage the Evil and Rand present»

Dage the Evil: Such rage! Your anger called to me.

Rand: Did YOU do this?! My family, my friends, my home -

«Black screen, Screen fades in to Dage the Evil right behind Rand»

Dage the Evil: I didn't do this. But I know the Necromancer who did.
Dage the Evil: And I can help you make him pay.

Rand: I would do ANYTHING to make him hurt as much as I do right now.

«Scene fades out»

What follows is a story of revenge, death, and the rise of Dage the Evil's Undead Legion. Journey 5,000 years into the past… and let the battle begin!

«Scene fades»

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