Raven (NPC)

Arachnomancer Trainer
Why hello there, daaaawwwrrling. Has something caught the fancy of your eye? Maybe you like elegance and grace with your power? Come a little closer, sweetie.. and I'll weave you the tale of the Arachnomancer….

What is an Arachnomancer?
Arachnomancers hide well in the shadows, stalking their prey, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike before their enemy even knew what hit them. Spin your web, lure your prey closer. Your trap is now set and you, in the shadows, ready… And waiting…

How to get?
Arachnomancer can be obtained at /ravenloss with Rank 10 Ravenloss OR the Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Ravenloss
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Hybrid
Arachnomancers are damage enhancers. They're not too strong by themselves, but excel when fighting alongside others. Venom Fangs and Slingshot Web apply Damage Over Time effects to your opponent while Foreboding Arachnid and Toxic Adrenaline severely increase various incoming damage sources on your opponent.

Location: Class Hall B


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