Ranger Lowe



«Scene: George Lowe standing by the fireplace»

Ranger Lowe's

George Lowe: Greetings, citizen of Lore. I'm world famous voice actor George Lowe!
George Lowe: It's a little known George Lowe fact that I am also a part-time ranger.
George Lowe: Well… park ranger, anyway.
George Lowe: People often ask me; "Hey, George Lowe, I know you're a famous voice actor from TV and film, so what's with the park ranger gig?"
George Lowe: I'd like to tell them it's the respect that I get keeping the evil creatures of the park from devouring park visitors, or the chance to tell random strangers spooky stories when they wander into my campsite after dark…

«Close up on George»

George Lowe: …but it's the money. Yes…as with everything, it's the money with me.
George Lowe: That fat government paycheck and the excuse to wear this fancy ranger outfit. oooh Hoo! SWEET DEAL!
George Lowe: George Lowe feels pretty.
George Lowe: I was worried that it would get a little crowded around the campfire, but it looks like we have enough space to tell ghost stories.
George Lowe: Come closer, hero. Let the night hold you gently in its leathery wings, and the mosquitoes drain you dry like nature's little vampires as you listen to…
George Lowe: Bum… Bum… Bummmmmm…… (and so on)

«Closer up on George's face»

George Lowe: Ranger Lowe's Creepy Campfire Tales!

«Scene fades»

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