First Legion General
It's not like we're talking in front of Lord Dage, so we don't have to be so formal. I'm Rand of Ravenscar - sometimes the First General of the Undead Legion, and sometimes a glorified nanny when a numbskull manages to sneak into the upper ranks. Huh? You might know me already? Great, my memory's going again. Hey, help me out with my headaches and I'll pay you back. It's a special day after all.

The titles of 'General' and 'Commander' are interchangeable in the Legion. I am the oldest of Lord Dage's Dark Council, and I've seen many faces come and go. Most of them go kicking and screaming. Laken was a special case though. It all started with a story about /darkfortress, and then you got involved. Lord Dage changed a lot after that. Despite Laken's betrayal, the events were beneficial for the Legion as a whole.

My memories of when I first met Lord Dage are hazy. He helped me get my revenge on a necromancer that attacked /ravenscar, the place where I was born. And it was where I died. In exchange for his aid, I became the First General of the Legion…then why do I still feel so angry when I think back to Ravenscar? I did get my revenge, and then…ah well. It can't have been important if I don't remember.

Lord Dage
While I have your attention far away from Lord Dage, I have to say I'm glad that you're around. My Master is mighty as he is intelligent, yada yada yada, but everyone needs a second opinion. Lord Dage won't say it but after all these years, he respects you and your reputation. When he is conscious of what someone he respects thinks of him, his decisions are more careful and focused.

- Rand's Quests
- Rand's Merge

Location: Dark Birthday


Thanks to Menace.

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