Oracle Class Trainer
A strong (and clairvoyant!) healer who can gaze into the past, present and future of all of their friends. Oracle is excellent at maintaining the health and status of their allies. And of course, you can notify your friends of your enemy's strengths and weaknesses, because you've read everyone's timelines.

How to get?
You want to be an Oracle? I can sell the class to you here! You can also buy it from the Class Shop in /battleon.

- Oracle Class

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Thief, Healer, Spellbreaker
Oracle plays similar to Healer, but with less healing, more damage mitigation, and more party buffs. However, there is an element of chance as well - Edited Timeline can decrease your enemy's attack power or spell power. And Group Divination’s auras are random, and may help or hinder their target.

Location: Class Hall A


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