Rampage Through the Feast



«Scene: the Soul Forge in the Underworld»

Dage: Sergeant, Good. You're early. We are running out of time.

Sergeant: Aaah, yes. The Harvest time IS approaching, isn't it?

Dage: Exactly. They are all gathering together, and I need more souls.
Dage: There is much to do, and to build, and to conquer.
Dage: You are one of my most intelligent minions.
Dage: Go. Use this opportunity to reap a darker harvest for the Undead Legion, and you will be well rewarded!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Battleon Town at night, with a bunch of boxes that are leaking green fluid on the ground»

Oishii: I didn't order these… did you?

Hero: Not me! I've been off slaying beasts for the feast.

Twilly: I didn't….

Oishii: I mean, I like to experiment when I cook but I'm just not sure about these ingredients…

«A griffin flies across the screen»

Goredon: Just what do you think you're doing with my ingredients, you walking kidney bean?
Goredon: Put that away, you bladebrain! I am not here as a THREAT.

«Goredon points»

Goredon: The only thing *I* want to conquer is… your appetite!

«Some guy takes out food from the boxes»

Oishii: Who are you?

Goredon: Pfft. I am the great Goredon Rampage!
Goredon: I have chosen this town to gift with my presence and gourmet creations this Harvest Fest!
Goredon: You want to see REAL magic? Watch. This!

«Goredon starts chopping food»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Villagers at a feast»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Dage's soldiers in Battleon Town»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Goredon and the Hero in Battleon Town»

Goredon: Ah… <Hero>! I have heard much about you, though we have never met before.
Goredon: Will you do me the honor of tasting the dish so far?
Goredon: I want to make sure the seasoning is… spicy enough.

Do you want to try Goredon's food?

  • Yes, looks delicious! (If you are a fan of Dage the Evil… CHOOSE THIS ONE!)


  • No, not sure of the ingredients!

«Scene fades»

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