Pirate Smuggler
Yarrrr! Th' Mysterious Aquamancer be back?! That bilgewater guzzler has wrecked my crew fer the LAST time! I'm pullin' us out o' here… fer now… t' go track him down! But we're not leavin' til ye shank th' plank and take on th' Armegroggon like ye said ye would!
Go on it now, git. Walk th' plank and battle the beast. We'll be back here in a year, and THEN we'll see who controls Lolosia!

- Quibble Coinbiter's Twenty-Ninth Shop raresmall.png
- War Quests raresmall.png


Note: Also see Looter's Raiment.


Thanks to Apus, Haileym1 and .Shadow//

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