Pirate Smuggler
Hey, looking to make some quick gold and maybe help out the Alliance in their effort agains Drakath? My name is Rakham and I'm the best smuggler in Lolosia. Never heard of me? Of course not. That's how good I am. I have a job for you if you're interested…

Surprised that the Alliance would employ a pirate? Don't be. There's a long tradition of people hiring pirates and smugglers in times of war for a lot of different reasons. The fact is, I can get some stuff that nobody else can and I can move it from place to place quietly with no questions asked. The Alliance recognizes that and it makes me valuable to them.

- Rakham's Quests legendsmall.png

After completing the 'Blow Stuff Up!' quest:

Pirate Smuggler
I've sent word to King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn. They are very grateful for all that you've done. The Alliance has given me special premission to offer you some of the special items that I've… *ahem* acquired… through my own underground contacts in exchange for a few more tasks.

- Preen's Pet Shop
- Rakham's Pirate Shop legendsmall.png
- Rakham's Quests legendsmall.png

During the Deep Terror War:

Pirate Smuggler
I've never seen such a mangy boatgrubber as ye… unless ye're fighting for US! Good. Otherwise I'd keelhaul yer mither… Now go slay that misbegotten Armagroggon so's I can prove to th' crew that WE hold the right to this town! Soon we'll have ta go and recruit more pirates so's we can continue th' war. Soon… soon…

- To War ship



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