Fangs of Flame Sergeant, Recruiting Division
A delegation of Draconians met with Vasumar. They've agreed to accept our rule, as long as they're allowed to keep fighting the DragonSlayers. Hah! And Lord Vasumar wants to meet you, to reward the hero who served him so well. A word of advice… "talking" with Vasumar can feel a lot like combat.

Fangs of Flame?
Yes, human. What, you thought we were here to fight on behalf of Nulgath? The ArchFiend? Our lord and master has not been seen in years. Vasumar and the other topclaws back home have grown restless, and the Oversoul has grown dull without Nulgath's regime to keep things moving. Besides, we've snacked on most of the easy prey. So here we are. A new world, new prey. A new reign of FIRE!

You're Chatty
Sometimes I blast a flame in the direction of the angry-looking Tin Man over. But beyond that… There's not much else to do here, waiting for new recruits to show up. Hah! Besides, when we win, everyone will know who we are and why we're here. Congratulations on joining the winning team.

- Raask's Quests
- Flame Dragon Warriors?



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