Quetzal (NPC)

Spirit of the Former Champion of Ice
I know you. One of you helped free me from the fate Kezeroth wanted for me. The other I have known, in a way, since the beginning of my existence. But do you know yourself? I know you do, Time-Dragon. But Abel will need to show me. Answer one question for me, and I will move aside and allow you to continue.

Ask Me Anything
All I want to know is this: What makes you worthy of an audience with Kyanos?
No - don't answer yet. I can see the hesitation in your eyes. Allow me to help you find the answer you need.

- Quetzal's Quest

After completing the 'Defeat the Shade' quest:

Spirit of the Former Champion of Ice
You are Abel - a play on worlds, in a way. Abel is who you are, and able is what you are. Both are true, and both are important

Location: Ice Plane
Note: Also see Quetzal (Monster).


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