Queenadent Odessa


«Scene: Stellaria and the Hero in Stonewood»
«Hero points»

Hero: Someones coming…

Stellaria: Queenadent Odessa!

«Odessa and two guards slide into frame as Stellaria kneels and the Hero rubs their head»

Hero: Queenadent? Did someone just take the words Queen and President and smash them together?

Stellaria: Your Majesty….
Queenadent Odessa: My scouts are reporting that the leader of the Dreadtech is hatching a new plan.

«Stellaria stops kneeling»

Queenadent Odessa: It appears that they are building some sort of time machine.
Queenadent Odessa: If Dreadtech spreads through all of time and space… *gulps* We cannot allow them to build that machine!

Stellaria: I think they succeed.

Queenadent Odessa: How can you know?

Stellaria: Allow me to introduce <Hero> . <He/She>'s time traveled here from our past….

Hero: The Chronomancer must have known that this could potentially affect the entire timeline.

Queenadent Odessa: Hmmmm. So the future is not truly written yet…. You must destroy that time machine!
Queenadent Odessa: If you fail, the Dreadtech forces will conquer this world… by going back in time to conquer it before any of us were born.

Stellaria: <Hero> and I will handle this, your majesty. We're going to get… Father's battleaxe.

Queenadent Odessa: Battle on, Stellaria and <Hero>.

«Scene fades»

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