Queen Victoria Alteon

Ruler of Swordhaven and Protector of Greenguard
It is good to see you, Hero. Even with the Alliance dissolved, you will always be my friend. I hope you and Tara are doing well. Know that you're welcome in Swordhaven whenever you need rest. I would also love some rest, and to catch up. But, duty comes first. I need to do everything in my power to protect Greenguard and its people from all threats, new…and familiar.

For a time, Greenguard did not have a clear ruler. But when the latest crisis settled, my brother-in-law, Lord Brentan, renounced his claim to the throne. I've put my coronation on hold to see to the Queendom's recovery. Once our wounds have closed, I plan to have a short ceremony. We need to focus on protecting our home, and preparing for new threats, instead of wasting gold on pomp and circumstance.

When a new ruler is set to be crowned, the nobility are invited to attend the coronation and renew their vows of loyalty. With the Alliance dissolved, we will be hearing from several organizations as well. Paladins, Dragonslayers, Dragonlords, notable mages, and clans of Druids are ready to declare for the Good Faction. We may even be visited by the Dwarves and Fae Folk. I need to be worthy of their trust.

After all of these years, the Alliance of Good and Evil has been dissolved. There are many who fear that the shadow of the Empress' flying fortress will fall across Swordhaven once again. Malgor and the Mana Crisis pushed everyone to the brink, and the fear isn't quite gone. The people deserve a Good and Just ruler that can protect them. My selfish feelings can't get in the way.

During the 'Punk Swordhaven' quest:

Ruler of Swordhaven and Protector of Greenguard
Oh, hi! How's it going?

Did you… did you just slime me?! Why would you do that? Man, and it just had to be while I was wearing this outfit. I can't even hand wash this thing!

Location: Swordhaven Castle (Location)

Thanks to Mashroam.

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