Queen Victoria


Queen Incognito
Captain Rhubarb plans to travel to Rheum to lay Beryl's armor to rest, and I plan to go with him. I really should be returning to Swordhaven but this is something I want to see through to the end. Rheum's a tiny town that often requests food from Swordhaven to boost their stores for the Winter. Nothing like a vast Empire. All of their achievements, and nearly all of the people who remembered Beryl, were lost under the tide.

Beryl is…was the Champion of Earth. Now that I think about it, I haven't heard of any Champion that found a happy ending. I don't like that we have to be grateful for a bittersweet farewell. Her situation brings up a lot of questions. What are the Champions meant to do for their Avatar and Plane? Maintaining balance is the usual answer but the little details vary from element to element. That worries me…

After learning so much, I'm embarrassed that I just assumed Avatars like Lady Celeritas always have the best intentions. Being ancient and wise doesn't stop someone from making mistakes. It didn't stop Lord Tremblor or Lady Neso from being irrational. They don't have to face the consequences of their actions because they're powerful and essential. That's not fair, but what could we do about that… and not get squashed trying?

I sought Beryl out to ask her to help defend Greenguard. If she rejected me or if Rhubarb felt that I was pushy, I wouldn't force her to do anything. It would've already been extremely helpful to talk with her and learn about the ancient past. Now we'll never get that chance. A court mage, Magus Adreanna Noelle, was interested in how long a person can live comfortably in an underwater environment. I can at least give her some material.


Note: Also see Victoria (NPC).


Thanks to Menace.

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