Queen of Monsters (Cutscene) (2)


«Scene: a serene forest»

Queen of Monsters: I was born from chaos and death.

«Lighting strikes the forest, turning it into a wasteland»

Queen of Monsters: Now am I surrounded with fear and screams of terror.

«The Queen of Monster's lair is shown from the outside»

«Green fire lights up a background behind a figure»

Queen of Monsters: And it fills my heart with joy.

«Embersea, Brightoak, Cinderclaw in Phoenixrise, the Living Dungeon, Dage's fortress, and the Dark Loremaster tower are shown»

«Alina casts a magical spell»

Alina: An ancient evil has returned.

«A warrior rides on the back of a dragon, but falls off»

Dage the Evil: The truce is over!

«Lord Brentan looks at a map of Lore, and then points to a location vaguely in the north»

«Ektorax in the Ectocave, Dream Warden runs through a wasteland on fire, Embersea, and Sepulchure's soul are shown»

«Drakath is shown in a room filled with a purple glow»

«Scene fades»

Join the forces of good, evil, and chaos…
Explore a new continent
Battle never seen before villains in all new stories
Defeat the Queen of all Monsters and her horrific Generals

… it is the only way to get your powers back.

«Scene fades»

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Queen of Monsters

«Scene fades»

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