Queen of Monsters (Cutscene) (1)


«Scene: Drakath attacks the Hero, but the Hero blocks the attack with his/her weapon.»
«Close up of Drakath»


«Close up of the Hero»

Hero: Doesn't look like it from this end of the field.

«Drakath and the Hero charge at each other. Drakath is sent flying. He hits the Chaos Portal and falls to the ground.»
«Scene fades.»

Time stands still. Inside his mind, the Queen of Monsters' voice whispers to Drakath.

«Scene fades.»
«Scene: Drakath is lying on the ground underneath the Chaos Portal.»

Queen of Monsters: Each time the millennia turns, and my freedom is at hand… you are my salvation.
Queen of Monsters: It is why I choose you. Why I will always choose you. And why I will always leave you behind.
Queen of Monsters: There is no room in my world for failure. But I cannot rise…
Queen of Monsters: Without your destruction.
Queen of Monsters: You have served me well… son. Goodbye.

«Scene fades.»
«The screen zooms out to show the Hero standing next to Drakath.»

Drakath: She's gone! She's BEEN gone since you entered! She… left me.

Hero: Do you mean the Queen of Monsters has been outside this WHOLE TIME?
Hero: I don't face her after I end you?!

Drakath: No. No. she's … Time is different here. She could have been out there for weeks. Months. Years, maybe.

Hero: Then I've got to get back out there!
Hero: … Aren't you going to try to stop me?

Drakath: She rose, and your world is falling. Chaos' Titans will rule, and the Queen of Monsters is in command!
Drakath: And we are here. All my Chaos powers are gone. Everything I was before… is nothing.
Drakath: I defeated you again and again. Untill finally, here, YOU beat ME.
Drakath: Because she needed it that way.
Drakath: But that's the LAST time that will happen. I AM NO ONE's PAWN!

Hero: So… does this mean you're on my side now?
Hero: Eteranl Dragon of Time and the Champion of Chaos vs the World?

Drakath: NO. I am not the Champion of Chaos. Not HER Champion.
Drakath: I'm fighting for ME now. Against you, her, and EVERYONE. Chaos will bow to ME.
Drakath: Even if I have to destroy HER to do it!

Hero: I wish you luck.

Drakath: I want NOTHING from you.

Hero: This is goodbye, then. There's too much to do to sit around and rant.
Hero: My friends are waiting, my sword-arm is ready, and I have a Queen to destroy!

«Scene fades.»
«Back in Lore, Dwarfhold trembling, rocks falling, Etherstorm Wastes falling apart, Underworld falling, and the Queen of Monsters appears behind Mount Doomskull»

The Queen of Monsters has risen.
As you battled Drakath, the world of Lore has been ripped apart, and is reforming…

You will journey to new lands, face new challenges, and gain new allies.
If you are going to save your home, you must defeat the Queen and her titans.
The first Saga of your story has ended. Now we begin…

«Scene fades.»
«Eye of Chaos appears against a black background.»

Queen of Monsters:

«Scene fades.»

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