Quaver Rest


«Scene: Sven, Darkon, Suki, Aurola, Titania, and Regulus»

Sven Magnus: I can't properly express our gratitude in words, Your Highness.
Sven Magnus: I feared the soldiers would have killed us if you hadn't stepped in.
Sven Magnus: My apologies for our matters taking up your precious time.

Darkon: That's not an apology I can accept. The soldiers are meant to protect Astravia, and most importantly, Astravians.
Darkon: I've read the papers you printed. It was proper criticism, not slander against the nobles.
Darkon: There was no reason to burn your printing presses or attack you.
Darkon: As your leaders, we should be listening to your concerns.

Sven Magnus: Your Highness!

Darkon: If anyone should be thanked, it should be Suki. She shared your writing with me, and was the first to rush to the conflict.

Sven Magnus: The Outsider? Your Highness, we can't possibly let an Outsider spy on our weaknesses!
Sven Magnus: I'm surprised she could even read it.

«Aurola, Titania, and Regulus speaking at the same time»

Aurola: What!?
Titania: That's not-
Regulus: Huh?

Darkon: Of course she could! Suki—

Suki: It's fine! Don't worry about it…my liege.


«Sven Magnus leaves the scene»

Darkon: That was a terrible remark. I'm sorry you had to hear that from one of my subjects.

Suki: No, I get it. They're used to being at war with Outsiders.
SukI: If I were them, I wouldn't trust me either.

Titania: For two years, you've shed blood for Astravia. You don't deserve derision.

Suki: Yup, It's only been two years. They won't warm up that easy. I just gotta keep trying.
Suki: On a lighter note, the street brawl perked me up after all the boring paperwork.
Suki: Did'ya have fun too?

Darkon: I would have preferred a stroll to the gardens but doing anything with you is enjoyable.

Aurola: Prince Darkon! Are you spending time with your girlfriend during work?
Aurola: The royals are abusing their power!

Regulus: If only I were that lucky. Though, I'd prefer a shorter cutie.

Suki: Hey! Don't go hollering about that! Besides, Darkon eventually needs to marry a Princess.
Suki: Haha, not a dumb chunk of muscle from the wheat fields.

Darkon: Suki, that's not true!

Regulus: I'm tired of listening to the King badgering Darkon to get married.
Regulus: He doesn't need a Princess, he has you.

Titania: Might makes right. That's what we learned as foot soldiers.
Titania: Have a duel with the three of us.
Titania: The strong are meant to lead. No Astravian warrior would contest that.

«Scene fades»

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