«Scene: Hero and Galanoth stand outside of Gisunt Heights»

Hero: "Quarantine?"
Hero: I thought we were here to fight a dragon. Are we at the wrong place?

«A figure pops up from behind the two»

Hero: AAH!

???: Nope! This is definitely where the dragon is!

«The characters are shown from the front»

Lim: Oh, calm down. It's just me! Lim!
Lim: I'm wearing a hazmat suit so I don't catch this awful plague.

Hero: Plague?

Lim: Yeah, it's like I was telling Galanoth –

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Phlegnn, the Slime Dragon of Sloth, sitting in a slime bath with a bandanna over its head»

Lim: This dragon, Phlegnn, has come down with something really bad, and really contagious.


Lim: He's currently having a soak in the hot spring just outside town.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Infected water going into pipes»

Lim: Unfortunately, that hot spring is the source of the village's entire water supply!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Zombie villagers in their… village»

Lim: Everyone's been drinking the contaminated water, and… well…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lim, Hero, and Galanoth just outside of town»

Lim: Let's just say we've had to quarantine the entire town to keep it under control.
Lim: …it seems to have turned the entire village into zombies.

Hero: Seriously? I get to fight zombies, AND a dragon?

«Question marks appear over the Hero's head»

Hero: Is it my birthday?

Lim: Well. I don't think the dragon's going to be much of a problem. He's pretty lethargic.
Lim: Though, he's still plenty deadly.
Lim: He's killed more people plopped down on his butt than most dragons do when they're actively trying.

Galanoth: I admit, I was hoping for more of a challenge.
Galanoth: But don't worry, Lim. We'll take care of it.

«Scene fades»

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