Elemental Dracomancer
Desolich the Final himself waits for you… but whether he will welcome you with open arms as an ally or a potential challenger, I cannot know For my part, I hope the two of you unite. Together, you would be unstoppable!

You, there! Are you man enough to stand WITH the dragonkin? Do you see their strength, and will you fight to advance their power? I have heard of you - together, you and Desolich wuld make a powerful pair…

I KNEW you would help us! Victory is close now, I can smell it,and it smells like burning Desolich must be impressed… he has sent a special challenge to test your might!

You don't know me, but I can sense it - you have the heart of a dragon. And Avatars bless me - Desolich the Final! You hear stories, growing up but they don't do him justice, you know? I can't imagine what will do once he's done here…

Dracomancer Class
Will you stand beside us, Hero? Will you battle as a Dracomancer? The priests of the Prime Dragons will grant you the chance to become an Elemental Dracomancer, as long as you have proven to them that you are worth it!
*Class requires either Etherstorm Rank 10 OR ACs.

- Elemental Dracomancer Class

How To War
Winning Wars in AQW
How to defeat your enemies and unlock rewards!

Battle alongside your fellow heroes to defeat your enemies to save the world! There are different ways to obtain the War Medals that you need to win the war! The choice is yours:

War Medals: Obtain 5 War Medals from fighting the Dragonslayers in the map. Turn them in to boost the War Percentage!

Mega War Medals: Obtain 3 Mega War Medals from fighting the Dragonslayers in the map. Turn them in to boost the War Percentage!

Quests: Once the war has ended, speak to Pyrik to accept his farming quest!

You and the rest of the heroes in Lore will all be fighting together to reach a common goal: victory!

- Fight Desolich!
- Pyrik's Quests
- Defender War Chest
- Dracolich War Merge
- Level 1



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