Pyralis (1)


ArchMage, Order of the Burnt Phoenix
Greetings, my friend! It is good to see you again, and in such an idyllic, peaceful place. At least, it seemed to be, until the eruptions began. My Pyromancers say a trapped Elemental is to blame. You've done so much for us already, but… would you be able to help us again?

Indeed. The fire has revealed much to my diviners, and I am not without hope. Millennia ago, Maladrite, an ancient Storm Elemental, was trapped deep inside the heart of this volcano — called Fiamme's Fang by the locals — to prevent her from destroying the island with her furious winds.

Makes sense
Certainly. How else would you take a stormcloud and pin it down? For centuries she slumbered, and the island was peaceful. But something happened in the last year — I do not know what — and she woke. Now, in her frenzy to escape once more, she's merged her power with that of the volcano itself. Now, her and the volcano's might are one.

That's not good
Not at all. Her rage is rocking the very foundations of the island. Smaller eruptions have begun, but we can tell they are only leading up to something much, much worse. The lives of all who dwell here are at risk.

- Pyralis' Quests

After completing the 'Through Fumes and Flame' quest:

ArchMage, Order of the Burnt Phoenix
I've asked my pyromancers to glean any additional knowledge they can. They've cast the ashes and as the burning embers fell, they beheld a vision — a bright gem, a phoenix wing, and a warning. You must recover Fiamme's Fang, a gem made of crystallized Lava, blessed by the Elemental Lord herself. With it and your own power, you should be able to negate Maladrite's fiery attacks.

- Pyralis' Quests

After completing the 'In Lava with Maladrite' quest:

ArchMage, Order of the Burnt Phoenix
The spell was a success! Maladrite awaits in the inner chamber. Be careful, my friend. She has all the strength of the volcano to attack with.

- Pyralis' Quests

After completing the 'Fahrenheit FEAR-51' quest:

ArchMage, Order of the Burnt Phoenix
If I didn't know better, I'd say you were favored by the Elemental Lords themselves. Fiamme's blessing upon you, and may the fires of the Phoenix guide you home.

- Pyralis' Quests
- Ultra Maladrite (Takes you to Screen 6)




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