«Scene A location in Greenguard»

«Screen fades in with The Hero and a bunch of other heroes, adventurers and citizens»

Hero: Alright, everyone! I know it's a race to get to the top of the Panjat Pinang pole, but…

«Screen shifts to the top of the Panjat Pinang pole»

Hero: None of us is THAT tall! Anyone have a ladder? Maybe a giant horc we can climb on top of?

«Screen shifts back to the Hero and while some individuals shrug»

Hero: No? Then I guess it's up to me to be the base of an omni-hero pyramid.
Hero: We WILL get that gear. We just have to work together!

«Screen changes to the players climbing and holding on each other on the Panjat Pinang pole»

Grazelda: That looks hard.

Missy-lou: Ya.

«Screen moves slowly to the top of the Panjat Pinang pole»

Uulen: Al… most…. got it…

«Screen suddenly pops up Twig on the Panjat Pinang pole»

Twig: I wins!

«Screen Panjat Pinang pole unbalances due to Twig and the whole pole falls down bringing down Twig, heroes and the adventurers»

Twig: I guess twying to get aww da geaw mysewf wasn't in the spiwit of the howiday, was it, Hewo?

Hero: Not really, Twig. But you DID help the rest of us reach the prizes.
Hero: So you DID help! And THAT is what we're supposed to do on Panjat Pinang!

«Screen shows the Hero carrying Twig on the back while everyone cheers»

«Screen fades»

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