Purple is the new Black



«Scene: Black screen»

???: I know, life kinda stinks right now.

«Scene of the Crownsreach»

???: You were so loyal! You did everything that was asked of you…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on the doors on Screen 5»

???: Created, and then destroyed 13 Lords of Chaos, all to free the Queen from her prison…
???: …only to be dropped on the ground and abandoned, like a broken toy!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Drakath sitting on his throne»

???: And on top of that, you even lost all of your chaos powers!

Drakath: Yes, thank you for reminding me.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Cemaros appears next to Drakath»

Cemaros: Now, I know you've needed some time to regroup and collect yourself, but this moping as gone on long enough!

«Cemaros pushing Drakath»

Cemaros: Come on! Chin up, boss! It's time to get up and get fighting!

«Cemaros continues to push Drakath foward»

Cemaros: I think I know what the problem is!

Drakath: Oh, do tell.

Cemaros: It's this place! This dank, dark, carved out chunk of uninspired rock.

«Cemaros shaking her hands towards Drakath with an angry face»

Cemaros: I mean, how can you be expected to be at your best when you're surrounded by THIS?

Drakath: And what is it that you propose to do about it?

Cemaros: I'm so glad you asked! I have just the solution!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero and Voltaire on their way to Crownsreach FXIII»

Hero: So, we're here to do what, again?

Voltaire: Someone is in need of my marvelous interior decorating skills!
Voltaire: I've been hired to turn this drab castle into a dark sanctum worthy of his greatness!

Hero: Sounds cool, man. You're definitely the right guy to bring in for the "dark sanctum" look…
Hero: And I'm here to do what, exactly?

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Voltaire holds a door open for the Hero»

Voltaire: I need an assistant! This kind of endeavor is a lot of work for just one guy!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero and Voltaire inside the castle»

Voltaire: Deady wasn't available this time, so I figured I'd call the one person on Lore who's always got my back!

Hero: D'aww. I'm flattered! Thanks, Voltaire.

«Hero looks around»

Hero: Interesting place. Who did you say had hired you?

Drakath: YOU?!?

Hero: YOU?!?

Voltaire: Oh, hey, you guys know each other?

Drakath: YES!!!
Hero: YES!!!

«Close up on Drakath»

Drakath: This is the mewling toad who stood in the way of my victory as the Champion of Chaos!

Battle through Drakath's 13 Lords of Chaos Saga here!
Mount Doomskull

«Hero straightens their hand out»

Hero: I spent 6 years trying to stop this guy from destroying all of Lore with his 13 Lords of Chaos!

«Hero and Drakath look at each other»

Voltaire: But no hard feelings, though, right?

«Everyone looks at Voltaire»

Cemaros: I dunno, he's still a little sore about that finale.
Cemaros: He's really gotta get out of this funk, though! We'll do whatever it takes to get the fight back in him!

Hero: Hey, man. It's like I said before — if you're going to fight the Queen, then we're on the same side.

Voltaire: Great! So, we're looking at a chaos-themed design here, right? All eyeballs and tentacles?

Drakath: I think I've had just about enough of th --

«Cemaros steps in»

Cemaros: You LOVE purple and tentacles. They were your sign, your thing for five years!
Cemaros: Are you going to let the SheBeast just float on in and take them? No. I don't think so.

Drakath: Fair point. Carry on.

Voltaire: Chop, chop! Let's get to work!

«Scene fades»

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