Puppy Love (Cutscene)



«Scene: Beleen and Swaggy standing with the Wheel of Love, and the Backstage cam screen floating above them»

Beleen: Oops… Contestant #2's all out arrows! Looks like someone's going to be stuck in Stage 3 for awhile.

Swaggy: Tough luck, #2! That leaves us with contestants 1, 3 and 5 still in the game.
Swaggy: Hey, at least some of them still have a SHOT at winning!

Beleen: So, what do you say, Lonely Lover? Should we spin the Wheel of Love to see where they get sent next?

«The Lonely Lover gives a thumbs up and Beleen spins the Wheel of Love, which lands on "Puppy Love"»

«Scene: Close up of Beleen»

Beleen: Puppies! OMG! How adorable!

«Scene returns to larger scene»

Swaggy: Let's hope everyone's had their rabies shots!

«Scene fades»

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