Puppet Show


«Scene: D Black Star, Hero, and Ves standing on Screen 1 of Kala»

D Black Star: Eyo, Ves! Hiya, <Hero>! You heard about the Pentas Wayang Kulit this afternoon?

Ves: Wait, really? A puppet show?! Sounds fun! I haven't been to one of those since I was little. But don't they usually begin at night?

D Black Star: The puppet master seems pretty nervous. Maybe he's got stage fright and wants to get things started early.

Hero: Do I need to bring anything? Snacks? Anti-puppet beating sticks? These things won't attack us… right?

Ves: Probably not! Buuuuuut… I just remembered that there will ALSO be a full Solar Eclipse this afternoon, too!

Hero: Uh oh. I know what a solar eclipse means.

D Black Star: Me, too! It means I'm going to need SUNGLASSES! You should never stare directly at a solar eclipse.

Hero: …Right. I know how these things work. This sounds like a set-up for a cursed puppet show.
Hero: You find us sunglasses. I'll bring the puppet-bashing gear. And double snacks.

«Scene fades»

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