Punk Talk


«Scene: Hero and his allies confronting Brain Matter»

Hero: There they are, the music thieves!

Laryn: Didn't you read the pamphlet? We're called Brain Matter, baby!

Medullos: And this is our rock house, literally. We don't need a bunch of losers tracking dirt in.
Medullos: Or a creep like you snooping around our dressing room.

Alina: That's because you sent your crazy fans to trash ours and steal our equipment!
Alina: Aren't you skeletons anyways? What do you have to hide?

Ghost: I bet those clothes aren't even yours. Is there a band out there, shivering in Doomwood with only their birthday suits?

Bellum: Heheh, they're bald too.

Ghost: Bald? Even your hair…wow.

Artix: Hey, Pit! I heard you were the lead guitarist. It is not too late to make this a clean clash.

Hero: Fess up. We know you're playing Jongaar's tunes and lying that you made them yourselves.

Pit: Yeah, so what? Sure, he put the dots on the bars, but we're the ones who discovered it.
Pit: We play them better than that meatbag and his Forest Elf locks.

Jongaar: First time I've heard that kind of zinger.
Jongaar: Actually Zhoom, does wording an insult like that -

Zhoom: I don't get along with Forest Elves, but yeah, the insult gets the death penalty.

Artix: We are going to rock so hard that it sends you blasting through the floor of the Underworld!
Artix: No way is a cheating band like yours going to raise this skeleton to be your Undead groupie.

Warlic: Wait, Artix. Do you sense the abnormalities of the souls attached to the Brain Matter' skeletons?
Warlic: They're…fragments of a larder soul. And those skeletons aren't their original bodies.

Pit: That's right, nerd. Bellum said the Skull Dome's our house 'cause we're its mind and soul.
Pit: Brain Matter is here to win and rise again!

Alina: I get it! Pit for Pituitary Gland, Bellum as in Cerebellum, Laryn for Laryngeal Cortex, and Medullos as in Medulla.

Bellum: Looks like they got a nerdette too.

Alina: Why you! Aren't you missing the parts of the brain that actually do the thinking?

Jongaar: Same with the parts that have any creativity.

Artix: The smarts of the giant monster must have gone back to sleep.
Artix: They did not share any of that good thinking with their bandmates.
Artix: No more trash talking! Let the music speak and the best band win!

Hero: Don't even think about sneaking another trick in. It won't get past me.

Pit: All you're going to win is a VIP ticket to an early grave with the rest of the NPCs after this next beat.

Announcer: La-Dies and Gentle-Skellymen! Take your seats! Clack your knuckles together for the final battle!
Announcer: It's the NPCs versus Brain Matter!

Pit: Fellow Brain Matters, form up!

Hero: That's not how you pluralize brain matter… Oh, whatever. We'll lay that to rest with your fake hack band.

«Ground shakes and Brain Matter rises»

«Scene: Hero and his band playing music»

«Scene fades»

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