Pukasnooze Unmasked


«Scene: Annie and Oakley outside of the Pockey-Mog tournament arena»

Annie: As much as Team Wreckit hates to admit defeat…

Oakley: We are "Pleased" to award the title to Pockey-Mog Champion…

Annie: …and all of the losing Pockey-Mogs…

Oakley: to our tournament's underfeated winners…

Annie & Oakley: Ash, Aria, and their Pockey-Mog, Pukasnooze!

«Scene: Annie high-fives the Hero»

Annie: What the heck?!

«The Hero is unmasked»

Oakley: That's not a real Pockey-Mog!

Annie & Oakley: YOU CHEATED!

«Scene fades»

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