DinoWarrior and Real-Life Skull Crusher
Greetings, Hero. I have journeyed far to find one with the potential to win the legendary Skull Crusher challenge, a test of skill and battle-prowess famous among my people. This is a test that many attempt, but very, very few can pass. I believe you have the strength and stamina to win… but do you have the will to begin? The Skull Crusher mace will be your prize; it can only be wielded by those who have crushed this challenge. Are you ready?

Though we have never met before, I know a lot about you, Hero! I'm friends with Artix Krieger, and he is the one who told me about your adventures. I've had adventures of my own, in the real world, competing on Stone Cold Steve Austin's "Skull Breaker Competition." I know what it takes to be a real warrior, and I believe that YOU have got the right stuff! You can see me and Artix in the new episode of "AdventureCouch," Artix Entertainment's Youtube Design Notes series.

- Crush Quest

Location: Museum


Thanks to rickyb20.

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