«Scene: Hero standing in the valley full of defeated dragons»

Hero: YES! I am the best!
Hero: I stopped the Dragon War! Three cheers for me!

«Twilly pops into screen»

Twilly: *Cheer*

Letori: You should have let us fight.

Hero: Your civil war was destroying the entire valley.

Letori: You don't understand.
Letori: A Dark Dragon King isn't good for ANYONE on Lore. You won't like how this ends.

Hero: Don't worry. I don't intend to let him keep the crown.
Hero: We have a plan.

«Scene fades»


«Scene: Hero with Argo»

Hero: Alright! I've done everything you asked me to.
Hero: I helped the villagers keep themselves and their livestock safe, and got them off your back.
Hero: And I've bested all the contenders for the Crown…
Hero: So, now he's the only dragon left who's trying to claim it.

Argo: Uh-huh.

Hero: So, uh…
Hero: Are you going to let me in, now?

Argo: HAH! No. sorry.
Argo: But hey, thanks for getting rid of the competition!

«Question marks appear over the Hero's head»

Hero: Seriously? But you said-

Argo: Yeah, yeah. Look… you've proven your loyalty. I guess.
Argo: But whatever else you want to call yourself, you're still just a human.
Argo: You don't need to be bothering Maleth with your petty human crapola.

«Hero draws their weapon»

Hero: Yeah, well I'm not leaving until I get inside that castle.

«Screen pans left to Argo»

Argo: And you're not getting inside this castle without going through me.

«Scene fades»

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