Protocol 6


«Hero and Ada at battle with Queen of Envy»

Darkon: No!

Ada: Darkon!

Envy: You still don't get it!
Envy: I am of the immortal undead!
Envy: I am tied to Dage's power!

«Queen of Envy knocks Hero down»

Envy: You cannot defeat me!

«J6 arrives with a gift in his hand»

J6: Laken sends his regards.

«J6 fires at Queen of Envy from the gift»

J6: Welcome to the realm of mortality, Envy. Your days of power-leeching are over.
J6: <Hero>, Ada. You two ok?

Hero: Yeah, we're fine.

J6: You'd better get out of here, then. Get this somewhere safe.

Hero: Got it.

«Hero and Ada leave leaving J6 and Darkon behind. Darkon is on the floor»

J6: Darkon…

Darkon: …we got her, though.

J6: Yeah. We did.

Darkon: …Protocol 6?

«J6 looks around and then nods»

J6: Protocol 6.

«A red light appears on Darkon's chest»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: The outside of Envy's castle - it explodes»
«Scene fades»

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