Protect my Daughter


«Scene: Hero and Miko in a fog in Heiwa Valley»

Hero: I don't get it. The incense led us to this spot, but I don't see anyth-

Ai no Miko: Shh!


«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Onryo appears in the fog»


«The Onryo disappears and reappaers closer to the Hero and Miko»

Hero: Well, here goes nothing.

Ai no Miko: Not yet - look! It's not attacking.
Ai no Miko: I think it's just hurting and confused.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Onryo moves closer the Hero and Miko»

Ai no Miko: It's ok! We're not Jaaku's men.

«The Onryo creeps closer»

Ai no Miko: We don't want to fight.

«The Onryo creeps closer once more»

Ai no Miko: We want the same thing as you - to defeat his army, and bring peace to Yokai.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Miko faces the Onryo, who has stopped advancing towards her»

Ai no Miko: I understand your pain. He has hurt me, too.
Ai no Miko: He has taken so much from me…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Koro and his soldiers show up»

Koro: There it is! The Onryo!

Ai no Miko: No! Wait! I was getting through to it!

Get it!
Kill it now!

«The Onryo rises in the air»

Hero: It's too late. The Onryo is too far gone.

Ai no Miko: Then we will have to fight.

«Scene fades»

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