Progress Report



«Scene: Totengeld and a Horc minion, in the factory>

Totengeld: What do you have to report, minion? How is our progress?

Horc Minion: Well, sir… the machines are up and running,
Horc Minion: But we're still producting too much pollution, just like last time.

Totengeld: Irrelevant. We can't reduce pollution without slowing down our production.

«Close in to Totengeld and the Horc minion>

Horc Minion: But, sir… it's starting to kill all the plants again…

«Totengeld prepares to rebuke the Horc minion when a Sneevil walks in with a bottle on his head, labeled, "POWER DRANK".»

Sneevil Minion: Our first bottles of PowerDrank are off the assembly line, Mr. Totengeld!

Totengeld: Oh, good!
Totengeld: Taste this, minion… and then tell me where you think our priorities should lie.

«The Horc minion consumes the drink, and his eyes glow bright green.»

Horc Minion: I was wrong.
Horc Minion: We shouldn't worry about the pollution.
Horc Minion: We need more PowerDrank!

Sneevil Minion: (nodding) I had some earlier! It's good!

Totengeld: Yes! And once everyone has had the chance to taste our new drink…
Totengeld: They will ALL see it our way!

«Scene fades»

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