Professor Skulltz

Skullpting 401: Getting Ahead
Hello, hello! Come in, quickly now. It's good to see you all, but if you don't sit down, I'll use you all as parts in my next project! *big smile* Are we ready to begin today's outdoor activity? Yes? Wonderful! I knew you'd be excited. Just take care not to let minions mangle you. We wouldn't want that, now do we?

- Professor Skulltz's Quests

After completing Professor Skulltz's Quests:

Skullpting 401: Getting Ahead
You know, you might want to sit as a model for my next project. Your bone structure is remarkable! So elegant, refined… and delicious! But I digress. Art will have to wait for another time. We have a lecture to go over, don't we? And everyone knows that if you fail Skullpting, your head is on the chopping block!

Where should I go?
You should go to the end of the hall and travel to the temple of Doomwood.

Location: Necro U


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