Professor Ghoulliver

Necronomic 101: Ghouls for Gold
Sit down or stand up, just get in the room! We've got a lot to do today class, and not much time. You'll need to collection whole specimens and parts for the Lab work tomorrow. You can't turn ghouls into gold without paying for the pieces in battle!

- Professor Ghoulliver's Quests

After completing Professor Ghoulliver's Quests:

Necronomic 101: Ghouls for Gold
Good work today! But the learning's not over yet. Pfft, save your groans for your mommas. I'm going to teach you whether you want to learn or not. And if you fail, you'll be the subjects under the microscope, not me! With that said, let's begin the lecture.

Where should I go?

Location: Necro U


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